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Chocolate Fountain Online offer reliable quality Machine with Best Warranty and quickly ship by DHL or TNT express. 30 days return Guaranty!  Brand New CFO Fountains Designed for heavy use, Continue work over 12 hours with Professional Motor. Buy Commercial quality Fountains in lower price,Start your Catering business,CFO Fountains for Hire,Rental,Catering,Wedding,Dipping etc..

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Weddings ~ Rehearsal Dinners ~ House Parties ~ Baby & Bridal Showers ~ Holiday Parties
School Events ~ Fund Raisers ~ Company Parties ~ Class Reunions ~ Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
Luncheons & Banquets ~ Business Grand Openings ~ Employee & Client Appreciation Parties
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CFO is Great Brand In Chocolate Fountains Industrial since 2005, and make OEM business with Small Fountains before years. and launched CFO Commercial Chocolate fondue Fountains from 2007 until now. Own Small, Medium, Large Size Fountain over 20 model for selection.

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CFO offer all Free Spare Parts support for our customer, and pay all shipping cost according your requirement. Commercial Fountains made by stainless Steel material, including auger. Not use easy broken plastic auger to make problem.

CFO Auger Series & Pump Series Fountains How to Choose Auger series that very light and easy to remove and use, These Fountains with Great Prices to meet Most People’s Budget that you can bear. but auger series use rubber seal to avoid chocolate leak, so you need to replace rubber seal after use 240 hours that we offer free rubber seal. Pump Series Fountains that very heavy with weight motor, lower noise no use rubber seal, no leak, no belt. drive directly. All tower and tube can remove and assemble any size according to your idea. Just note, the basin cannot remove.

What is A Chocolate Fountain ?

Chocolate fountains could be categorized as commercial-use and personal-use.We supply Fountains for Many of Customers annually and we are one of the leading manufacturers of fountains in the world. Quality CFO Fountains made of Food Grade Stainless Steel for Commercial,Size from 50 cm to 145 cm height ,small size 60 cm 4 tier fountain to start your business.60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm ,120 cm, 140 cm Commercial Fountains and 4 tiers,5 tiers,6 tiers,7 tiers Commercial Machines for Purchase

  • Pump System Fountains & Auger System Fountains
  • Best Quality & Best Warranty

Chocolate Fountain Online Serve you all days 24 hours. Just Call us or Skype or Email. Like us On Facebook and find promotion prices Everyday.CFO Brand Chocolate Fountains Wholesale & Sales Support. You are welcome to order Online.

What type of chocolate is used?

It is a special blend of the highest-quality chocolates manufactured from a Belgian-owned company here in the United States. It is available in Semi-Sweet (dark) or Milk chocolate. 85% of our customers prefer the semi-sweet chocolate. White chocolate is available and may be colored to coordinate with your event. However, from experience, guests do not indulge in white or colored chocolate NEARLY as much as the semi-sweet or milk chocolate. The presentation is nice, but not as appetizing. I’m not sure I want to dip a red, juicy, succulent strawberry in purple chocolate. However, we are certainly willing to accommodate all requests for white or colored chocolate!! find good purchase at chocolate fountain online website

How to Buy Chocolate Fountain Articles will be let you to learn:

  • What size fountain is best for you
  • What kind of chocolate to use

What are the most popular dipping items for the Chocolate Fountain?

Strawberries, when they are in season, are by far the most liked of any food dipped in the chocolate fountain. As far as fruit… Fresh pineapple (not canned), fresh apple slices or bananas (must be cut-up when ready to serve to ensure they don’t turn brown), cherries and frozen bananas are big hits. Grapes and melons are not as well received with chocolate, but can be placed on the table for color and guests eat them anyway, even if they don’t dip them.

Other popular items: The #1 non-fruit dipping item is the pretzel rods. They must be the 5″ pretzel RODS, not pretzel sticks or pretzel twists, etc. Marshmallows are #2 on the list. (We never would have thought this for adults, but until we witnessed it ourselves over and over. Men especially love marshmallows dipped in chocolate!) Guests love Piroullines, and these are always the first cookie to go in the chocolate. But, any kind of cookie – Oreos, Nutter Butters, Macaroons or homemade cookies are always better dipped in chocolate. Angel Food Cake goes fairly well. If you are already having cake (wedding cake or birthday cake), we would suggest leaving cake out of the menu. Pound cake is NOT suitable for the chocolate fountain. It crumbles too easily and instead of a smooth, chocolate flow, you will have a lumpy, chocolate flow. It also may clog the fountain and scalloping will occur. We have set up the fountain at events that serve ice cream as dessert and guests could ladle the chocolate over their bowl of ice cream — it hardens immediately! This is a great way to get your money’s worth from the fountain — we throw away less chocolate when ice cream is served! More items: Potato chips, caramel squares, peanut butter balls, circus peanuts, dried fruit and nut cups. If it doesn’t crumble or fall of the skewer easily, use your imagination!

Chocolate Fountains Dipping Items Article will be let you to find Most Food and fresh fruits for dipping in Fountain.

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