8 Unique Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Wedding is a special occasion and you should leave no stone unturned to make it a memorable event. As it’s a day-long event, you have to come up with some interesting ideas to keep the guests entertained. Make people a part of the most important day of your life by offering them some interesting things to do and experience. Here are some great wedding entertainment ideas that you can apply to ensure guests remember your marriage ceremony forever.

Hire a caricaturist: Who does not love to get a self.portrait made in the form of a caricature within 5- 6 minutes? Guests belonging to all age groups will love this idea and stand in a queue to get their custom caricatures. Later, those images can be a fun topic for discussion and the guests will keep the portrait as a memento of your wedding.

Wish musically: Close relatives usually wish the newlyweds after the best man’s toast according to norm, but how about adding a twist to this custom? You can inform friends and family members that they need to express their good wishes in the form of a song! They can sing in groups as well. This idea will certainly surprise them and since we all love to showcase our singing skills, they will happily share their best wishes by writing a custom song only for you.

Bring a magician: Add a little magic to the life of your guests to make the special evening magical. You can easily hire a magician for a few hours at an affordable rate and he will entertain the guests by showing some card tricks or coin illusions. There is no need to show any serious magic that requires more props, because people will expect something entertaining from the magician, not awe-inspiring.

Have a chocolate fountain: Let the kids enjoy your wedding as much as the adults by installing a chocolate fountain at the buffet table. Children love chocolates and there is nothing more deliciously entertaining to them than a fountain, full of chocolate. Keep a bowl full of items that can be eaten with chocolate so that kids can have a blast.

Custom made ice sculpture: You can either build an ice sculpture that will work as a showpiece and guests can take photos of it by standing beside the sculpture, or you can be more adventurous and create a vodka luge made by ice. The luge will serve two purposes. It will look good and secondly, alcohol fanatics will find a new way to enjoy their drinks. The bartenders can simply pass the alcohol through the hole in the luge and serve chilling vodka shots to the guests.

Dance contest: The main idea behind organizing a dance contest is to encourage people to participate and communicate with each other. Tell your guests in advance about the dance contest so that they can decide their partners and participate in the evening ball dance with you and your groom. Let the spectators vote and decide which couple was the best (excluding you and your husband). Offer an award to the winners to appreciate their dancing skills. The prize does not need to be costly because it’s not a professional competition and all the participants are either your friends or family members.

Try the luck: Hiring a casino is a very popular way to entertain and engage adult guests. Let them try their luck by trying their hand at popular games like poker, black jack, dice and roulette.

Light up some fireworks: If you are having an outdoor wedding reception, there is no better way to entertain the guests than by lighting up some great fireworks. It will be the perfect ending to the most precious day of your life. Mesmerize the guests after dinner by turning the sky into a canvas of fireworks.

Here I have shared only a handful of ideas to entertain the wedding guests. It all depends on your imagination how you want to engage your guests and offer them a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, feel free to use your own ideas as well. As long as the guests are happy, you are a winner.

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