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We offer a huge selection of Commercial Chocolate Fountains as follow so that you can buy a chocolate fountain Online easly. Now you can select your own fountains according to Size (height), Tiers qty, Capacity, Machine Sytem(Auger or Pump), Prices, So you can find best one fountain for your business based on your budget. Free Delivery for All Fountains

New 5 Tiers Chocolate Fondue fountain on Sale. 

CFO CF30A Commercial Chocolate Fountain Machine

Free Shipping $599.00/pcBuy Now

CF30A Commercial Fountain with Stainless Steel Auger & Tiers CF30A 30 inches Commercial Chocolate Fountain Machine to Buy CFO Chocolate Fountain Machine CF30A

Chocolate Fountain machine

CF32A 80cm,5 tiers Chocolate Fountain $690.00

4 tiers Chocolate Fountains

CF24A 60cm,4 tiers Chocolate Fountain $590.00

4 tiers Chocolate Fountain CF18A

CF18A 45cm,4tiers Chocolate Fountain $198.00

CF42A 7 tiers Chocolate Fondue Fountain

CF42A 105cm,7 tiers Fondue Fountain $980.00

CF40A Stainless steel Chocolate Fountain

CF40A 100cm,6 tiers Chocolate Fountain $1550.00

Commercial Fondue fountain CF44A

CF44A 110cm,6 tiers Fondue Fountain $1380.00

CF48A Chocolate Fountain

CF48A 120cm,7 tiers Large Fountain $1580.00

Big Chocolate Fountain

CF53B 140cm,7 tiers Pump Fountain $1780.00

Stainless Steel Double Chocolate Fountain

DCF40A 100cm,4 tiers Two colors Double Chocolate Fountain Commercial $780.00

Battery Operated Chocolate fountain

CF18 Home Battery Operated Chocolate Fountain $39.00

CF17 mini Chocolate fountain

CF17 Home use  Mini Plastic Chocolate Fountain $49.00

CF17A mini chocolate fountain

CF17A Home Use Mini Plastic Chocolate Fountain $59.00

10L Chocolady Hot Chocolate Machine

HC03A 10 L Commercial  Hot Chocolate Machine $690.00

5L ChocoFan Commercial Hot Chocolate Dispenser

HC02A 5L ChocoFan Hot Chocolate Dispenser $590.00

5L Hot Chocolate Machine - Black

HC02 5L ChocoFan stir thick Hot Chocolate Machine $490.00

CT04 4kgs Electric Chocolate Tempering Machine

CT04 4Kgs Chocolate Tempering Machine $690.00

CT08 8kgs Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine

CT08 8kgs Chocolate Tempering Machine $980.00

CT18 18kgs Professional Chocolate Temperer

CT18 18kgs Chocolate Tempering Machine $1180.00

Chocolate Fountain illuminated surround

CFS62 Chocolate Fountain illuminated Surround $620.00

Chocolate Fountain with Led Base

CFS61 Chocolate Fountain illuminated Surround $680.00


Cotton Candy Vending Machine

CCM02V Cart Cotton Candy Machine with Wheel $699.00

Commercial choco Fountain

CF44B 110cm,5 tiers Pump Chocolate Fountain $1480.00

Cheese Fondue Fountain

CF34B 86cm,4 tiers Pump Chocolate Fountain $1280.00

professional Chocolate Fountain

CF24B 60cm,4 tiers Pump Chocolate Fountain $550.00


Shop Chocolate Fountain in Online Store

Easy to buy: 

  1. Select One Fountain
  2. Click to check details, Prices with Free Shipping
  3. Click “Buy Now” , Safety payment by Paypal
  4. Check Out with Paypal or pay by credit card (you also can pay without paypal account)

Buy Chocolate Fountains by Size:

  • 135 cm Height Fountain CF53B
  • 120 cm Height Fountain CF48A
  • 110 cm Height Fountain CF44A , CF44B
  • 105 cm Height Fountain CF42A
  • 100 cm Height Fountain CF40A, DCF40A
  • 86 cm Height Fountain CF34B
  • 80 cm Height Fountain CF32A
  • 60 cm height Fountain CF24A
  • 45 cm Height Fountain CF18A

Shop Commercial Fountain by Tier qty:

  • 7 tiers Fountains: CF53B, CF48A, CF42A
  • 6 tiers Fountains: CF44A, CF40A
  • 5 tiers Fountains: CF32A, CF44B
  • 4 tiers Fountains: CF24A,CF26B

Shop Commercial Fountain by System:

  • Auger System: CF32A,CF24A,CF42A,CF40A,CF44A,CF48A,DCF40A
  • Pump System: CF53B,CF44B,CF34B,CF26B

Shop Commercial Fountain by Capacity:

  • Hold 1 kgs Chocolate: CF18A, CF16A
  • Hold 4kgs Chocolate: CF24A, CF34B
  • Hold 5kgs Chocolate: CF32A, CF44B, CF44A
  • Hold 6kgs chocolate: CF48A
  • Hold 7kgs Chocolate: CF53B, CF42A
  • Hold 10kgs Chocolate: CF40A


  • handy 5 March, 2014 at 2:39 am

    Hi there

    How much is the shipping cost for a 5 tier auger fondue fountain to singapore? Is the product good and worthy? Spare parts and repair how? I am interested but am afraid to buy on line as i fear for my money being burnt.. please advice..


    • 11 March, 2014 at 1:56 am

      Hi,The prices have show on the website. free shipping to Singaport. One Year Warranty, Paypal safety payment.

  • Mohamed Gomaa 7 October, 2013 at 11:57 am

    Hi ,Kindly do you have an agent in egypt because i want to buy 2 chocolate fountain 5 tiers for commercial use with full assistant and spare parts if i’ll need .

    • 11 October, 2013 at 6:53 am

      Hi, we have not agent in Egypt now, but you can buy fountain online directly. Safety payment and Warranty. We offer spare parts support in life time.

  • maria de los angeles cabildo 29 September, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    cuales son los precios en moneda mexicana

  • bisi 20 September, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    Do you ship to Nigeria

    • 22 September, 2013 at 1:16 am

      Yes, We ship to Nigeria, Free Shipping area list, please check here

  • Muhammad Arif Khan 3 September, 2013 at 7:37 am

    kindly send your chocolate fountains outlets in Bangkok i want to buy, send you shops details at your earliest.
    M Arif Khan

    • 11 September, 2013 at 4:37 am

      You can buy online directly,Safety by paypal

  • Maritza Paredes 1 July, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    Buenas tardes tengo una fuente de esta marca pero se le partió el aro estabilizador y no lo consigo en ninguna tienda como hago para conseguirrlo gracias

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