Chocolate Fountain Fondue Recipes

Fondue has been the same for years and remained virtually unchanged… until now! The Chocolate & Fondue Fountain has revolutionized the world of fondue and added a new dimension to this age old party tradition with some delicious new ideas…

The unique patented design of the Chocolate Fountain enables you to experience traditional fondue in an exciting new way. Your CFO Chocolate Fountain can turn chocolate, cheese, caramel, salad dressing, and even BBQ sauce into a flowing curtain of delicious fondue!

Here are some suggested recipes for your CFO Fondue Fountains:

Due to the natural variances in different substances, the fondue curtain will not always flow the same way it does with chocolate. Any fondues with “chunks” will cause gaps in the curtain as it comes over the tiers. For best visual appeal, choose fondues that are smooth.

CaramelSuggested dipping items:
apples, pears, chocolate-covered pretzels, cookies
– 5 parts liquid caramel
– 1 part water
Mix caramel and water in saucepan over low heat and then transfer to the fountain. Caramel naturally thickens as it is heated and worked with. Periodically thin out with water throughout event (approx every 45 minutes). Caramel should be stirred occasionally in the basin to help prevent air bubbles from forming
Heat: Low for best results
Nacho CheeseSuggested dipping items:
tortilla chips, mini tacos, breadsticks, cocktail sausages
– 5 parts canned nacho cheese
– 1 part water
Start with any store-bought liquid nacho cheese. Large cans are available at many wholesale stores.
Mix cheese and water in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir frequently to achieve the correct consistency, and then transfer to the fountain. Add more water as needed.
Heat: Medium
BBQ SauceSuggested dipping items:
buffalo wings, ribs, chicken strips
– 6 parts medium-grade* BBQ sauce
– 1 part water or apple juice*Premium-grade BBQ sauce will require additional thinning.
Mix BBQ sauce with water or apple juice in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir well and add to the fountain.
Heat: Medium
Ranch DressingSuggested dipping items:
fresh veggies (carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, celery), potato skins, chicken strips
– light ranch dressing
– water (if needed)
Use light ranch dressing for best results. Some brands of ranch will need to be thinned out with water in order to flow properly.
Add to fountain.
Heat: OFF
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