What is Chocolate Fountain Rental ? That means People buy A Chocolate Fountain, then rent their fountain to any body that need to parties or events. It is popular business these year, More and more Wedding, parties,Events etc., People like a special thing, like a Large Commercial Chocolate fountain to make a chocolate dipping. If you like a fountain to promote your business, then Keep eyes follows.

How to Choice Chocolate Fountain for Rental

When you plan or start Chocolate Fountain Hire or Rental Business, The more import thing is  choice correct chocolate fountain. You can find more and more Fountains on the internet,But which one is suitable for you ?  Keep a sucessful business, quality Fountain is first choice, then we can consider price, warranty etc..  Now we will let you know A Big Chocolate Fountain that will meet your requirement.  The fountain size 140 cm height, Buy one machine, then you can assemble more size fountain for your difference rent business, such as small or large size. It is a good idea, you do not need more fountains for your business, Just keep one, then you will have two, three size fountains for your choice. More information, please check commercial Chocolate Fountain .

Start Chocolate Fountain Rental Business

We know that you will start your business, but consider price, some people like to a good price of fountain to start. It is ok that have more choice, You can check 4 tiers Fountain at first, if you serve a 20 Guests, then CF18A fountain is good choice for you. If you serve 20-80 guests or parties, then CF23A is best choice,  ok, if you have more than 100 guests or party, events, then you have to choice a large chocolate fountain for rental, Every people will love this.

CF33A 6 tiers Commerical Chocolate Fountain for dipping items

CF33A 6 tiers Commerical Chocolate Fountain for dipping items


Chocolate Fountain Rental is good business from 2006. We supply a huge selection of chocolate fountains for Chocolate Fountain rental business.  To start your business as a try, perfect item is CF24A or CF32A, It is good quality with a reasonable price that you can accept.Chocolate Fountain Rental Prices that decide by machine size and how many Guests, Normally machine supply small size, Middle size and Large Size.  20-50 Guests is small size is enough, 50-100 Guests for middle size, 150-200 Guests need a large Size Fountain.  If you can not sure which fountain that you need, please check” How to buy Chocolate FountainRent Chocolate Fountain:  How to make a successful chocolate fountain rental business? Normally Chocolate Fountain Hire supplier offer 5-8 USD per guests and a fixed amount at least for a few guests. Now you can reduce the cost with our Machine, Start rental business only USD299.00 (CF23A), Then you can supply Cheap Chocolate Fountain Rental to start a successful business Blow list some large size Chocolate Fountain for Rental or Hire Business.
Get your ideas for Chocolate Fountain

The Chocolate Fountain is an unforgettable experience that will enhance any special event. It is not only unique and attractive, but a delicious addition to any Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Corporate Function or indeed anywhere where an atmosphere of luxury and indulgence is required.

Reasons to use a Chocolate Fountain.

  • You will love the great tasting premium Belgium chocolate.
  • Easy and cost effective dessert option for hundreds of people.
  • Entertainment together with healthy, tasty food.
  • Everyone gets out of their seats and mingles.
  • What better way to welcome your guests.
  • Treat the kids to something they won’t forget.
  • Create a stir at your next special event.

The complete rental service

We supply a Full Rental Service within our prices, so you can sit back and enjoy your special day. We supply experienced operators to set-up the fountain correctly, so that the chocolate runs smoothly, looks amazing and is running to its full potential.

The following is included in our basic package rentals:

  • Set up, dismantle & cleaning of the fountain.
  • 10kg bag of premium Belgium chocolate.
  • Assist guests in safe food handling and self service help.
  • Skewers & napkins and plates provided.
  • Operate the chocolate fountain, checking for blockages or other malfunctions.
  • Assist with keeping the fountain area tidy at all times.
  • Provide standard confectionary [Marshmallows] for guests.
  • 2-4 hours chocolate fountain use.
  • Decorative tabletop presentation. (extra if required)
  • Provide extra chocolate, skewers and napkins if needed. (extra cost)

Prices from only $875 including operator, standard dip etc.
Above is based on typically 100 guests. We strongly recommend a budget of $1.00 per head to cover extra dips.

Choice Your Chocolate Fountain for Rental business:

Chocolate Fountain Rental In the worldwide

UK Chocolate Fountain Rental:


  • Prasad 23 February, 2016 at 7:50 am

    I want to start chocolate fountain rental business in India, Pune what packages should i offer for party’s from 1 – 25 pax, 26 – 50 pax & 50 +.

    • ChocolateFountainOnline.com 7 March, 2016 at 7:52 am

      you should use difference fountain machine size and offer difference dipping items according to party. About 3-5 USD per people will be better.

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