Professional Chocolate tempering Machine

We offer these Professional Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine to melting kinds Chocolate according to customer requirement. Supply 4kgs up to 18kgs capacity that you need. Also we offer Cheap bain-marie system Chocolate Melter for  your selection. These machine come with all parts such as tank,Lid and machine together.  The Lcd show temperature directory that you can easy to see. On/Off switch and adjustable temperature panel control. This is professional tempering machine for melting chocolate to left overnight for your next’s day production. If you do not like bain-marie chocolate melter, then these tempering machine will be your best choice.

 Professional Chocolate Tempering Machine

The most common method of tempering chocolate manually is ‘seed tempering’. In
principle, this involves adding a small quantity of solid tempered chocolate to a batch
of liquid un-tempered chocolate. For every 10 kgs of melted chocolate, you will
generally need to add 2-3 kgs (20-30%) of solid tempered chocolate (the ‘seed’) as
chips or broken chunks. Note that the exact quantity will depend on the characteristics
of your chocolate and your environmental conditions.
The solid chocolate helps to bring down the temperature of the liquid chocolate to the
correct working temperature and at the same time promotes the formation of only the
type V crystals required for perfectly tempered chocolate.

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  • Chin Wai Ho 4 July, 2013 at 6:52 am

    Good day. I’m Mr. Ho.
    May I know the advantages of these chocolate melting machines ?
    And how long it takes to reach to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur if i place an order of it ?
    Can you suggest me any machines that is needed for a chocolate factory ?
    Thank you.

    • 8 July, 2013 at 1:59 am

      need proceesing time: about 10-15days,delivery time: 3-5days

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