18kgs Professional Chocolate Temperer

Single Tank hold 18kgs or two tanks hold 8kgs each, the chocolate temperer can use difference capacity tank for this machine.  Professional chocolate temperer heat by Hot air system. Adjustable Temperature according to your demand. Also you can find bain-Maries Chocolate Melter and 4kgs Chocolate Tempering Machine. 

CT18 18kgs Professional Chocolate Temperer


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Max Capacity: 18kgs
Heating Type:Hot Air
Power: 220-240V 50Hz 350W
Material: 304 food grad stainless Steel
Size: 605 x 350 x 230 mm
N.W: 14.3kgs
G.W: 15.2kgs


The most common method of tempering chocolate manually is ‘seed tempering’. In
principle, this involves adding a small quantity of solid tempered chocolate to a batch
of liquid un-tempered chocolate. For every 10 kgs of melted chocolate, you will
generally need to add 2-3 kgs (20-30%) of solid tempered chocolate (the ‘seed’) as
chips or broken chunks. Note that the exact quantity will depend on the characteristics
of your chocolate and your environmental conditions.
The solid chocolate helps to bring down the temperature of the liquid chocolate to the
correct working temperature and at the same time promotes the formation of only the
type V crystals required for perfectly tempered chocolate.
1. Melt your chocolate as above.
2. Once the chocolate has reached the set temperature, stir it well to ensure an
even temperature distribution. Then reset the desired chocolate temperature
to the working temperature for your chocolate. A rough guide to working
temperatures is as below:
Dark chocolate: 31-32°c
Milk chocolate: 29-30°c
White chocolate: 28-29°c
3. Initially add about 15-20% of ‘seed’ chocolate and stir continuously. Use a
digital probe thermometer to check the temperature of the chocolate. When it
has cooled to 35°c, if all the chips have melted in, then you will need to add
another 3-5% of seed chocolate.
4. Continue stirring until all the chocolate is melted and the temperature is down
to the working temperature of your chocolate. Your chocolate should now be
perfectly tempered but you should always check the temper by observing the
fluidity and doing a test with a palette knife. Note that it is possible for the
chocolate to be at the correct working temperature but to still be

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