Two Colors Double Chocolate Fountain

The Double CFO Chocolate Fountains can use 2 difference color of Chocolate in one chocolate fountain. the machine with double tower and a bowl seperate two small bowl. Just carefully pour the melted chocolate into one of the bowl compartments at the base of the tower. The melted chocolate should be drawn under the tower and carried up the tower by the auger. Chocolate should then begin to flow from the top of the tower and filter over the sides evenly to the next tiers and so on. Repeat the above steps to the other side of the bowl compartment with same or different flavored chocolate.

Keep Chocolate Fountain double tower on level to ensure proper sheeting of the chocolate. To level, adjust the feet on the bottom of the unit carefully by turning in the appropriate direction to raise or lower the foot. avoid food pieces dropping into chocolate in base to prevent clogging the flow of chocolate.

How to buy Double Chocolate Fountain

1.No MOQ required, Order from one pc to start.
2.Send us address to check delivery cost for free ship
3.Please note we only do 220-240V normally
4.Delivery time: 3-7days
5.We ship machine by DHL,Fedex etc… Within 3-5 working date.
6.Accept Paypal,T.T,Western Union etc.. payment.

Double Chocolate Fountain Details


How to assembly Double Chocolate Fountain (DCF16A)

The Chocolate Fountain Double Tower is easy to use,Just follow these simple instructions. Your double chocolate fountain requires little assemble. Wipe out base bowl with a damp cloth and dry. Wash auger and tower parts in warm soapy water,rinse in warm water,dry with non-abrasive towel.

6 steps to Assembly:
1. After cleaning,return augers to base making sure they are securely in place by aligning the groove on the bottom of the auger to the motor base pin.
2. Do not attempt to place augers or tower on base, or remove from base, while the motor or heater is on.
3. After placing the augers, stand the two large tower tubes on a solid surface.
4. Fit the large tiers securely over both so the tops of the tubes protrude through the holes in the tier.
5. Next, attach the two small tower tubes securely to the large tower tubes. Place the small tier over the small tower tubes. Make sure tower is securely assembled.
6. Place completed tower securely on the posts in the base aligning pins in the base bowl to the rings on the bottom of the large tower tubes.

double fountain assembled tower

Double Chocolate Fondue Fountain Pictures Double Chocolate Fountain Size Chocolate Fountain Double Tower Chocolate Fountain Double Tower Parts


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    I would like to know the shiping cost of the double chocolate fountain to india, precisely kerala( one of the state in india).

    Rinto Sebatian

    • 26 November, 2014 at 1:35 am

      Free Shipping

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  • Tasnim 17 June, 2014 at 10:11 am

    I would interested in buying a double Fountain and the five tier 70 cm fountain .
    I live in Nairobi Kenya and would prefer air freight
    Pls advise in cost, availability and if this can be done thanks

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