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1. Q: I want wholesale chocolate fountains, what MOQ and price?
A: More qty will be more discount. Perfect to order 10 pcs, 20 pcs, 50 Pcs or 100pcs each item and get a better wholesale prices. If you only order 3-5pcs, the price is same with retail price, can not get wholesale price.

2. Q: The Machine with 220 V or 110 V?
A: All Online Machine is for 220-240 V, We have not 110 V products in stock, so if you want to order 110 V products, please contact with us before your order. Normally we need a MOQ for 110 V so that we can arrange production.

3. Q: Can i get a Invoice for my order so that we can make payment by T.T in advance?
A: Yes, It is oK, you can ask us to send a commercial invoice for your order, please send us item no., qty and your company address. the invoice will be including item no. information, and bank information for payment.

4. Q: How should I store tempered chocolate that was used in a chocolate fountain?
Before and after it’s been melted, store chocolate between 55-70°F, with less than 50% humidity. Do not refrigerate after melting.


NO. The appliance is to be used for liquid chocolate. Solid chocolate, if allowed to solidify will damage the motor and

1. Q: Are the fountain components dishwasher-safe?
A: Yes, all removable fountain components may be washed in a dishwasher except the removable basin.

2. Q: What heat setting should the fountain be set to for the different types of chocolate?

3. Q: Can leftover chocolate be reused?
A: Yes, but for sanitation reasons it is not recommended.

4. Q: Can I use any chocolate in the fountain?
A: Yes, any chocolate may be used, but it will most likely need to be thinned to the correct consistency to flow through the fountain. See instructions under “CHOCOLATE PREPARATION.”

5. Q: What are the power requirements for the fountain?
A: A dedicated 10-amp outlet is required for all 120V fountains. Fountains
running on a 240V power supply require a dedicated 5-amp outlet.

6. Q: Can I flavor or color my chocolate?
A: Yes! You can purchase oil-based flavorings and colorings. Never use water-based products with your chocolate.

7. Q: Does the Chocolate fountain temper chocolate?
A: No, but the chocolate itself can be tempered using standard tempering procedures.

8. Q: Can fondues other than chocolate run through the fountain?
A: Absolutely! Any fondue that is the appropriate consistency can run through the fountain. This includes caramel, cheese, barbeque sauce, and more. Use a
thinning agent consistent with the fondue’s flavor.

9. Q: What do I do if the fondue is not curtaining completely over the fountain tiers?

10. Q: How do I store my chocolate?
A: Chocolate should be stored in a cool, dry place. Do not freeze or refrigerate chocolate as condensation may alter the chocolate’s consistency.

11. Q: How much chocolate does the fountain hold?

12. Q: The chocolate is purchased in a 20-lb case. How many people will that feed?
A: Twenty pounds of chocolate will feed approximately 200 people.

13. Q: Can I refill the fountain with chocolate chips while it is running?
A: Depending on how much chocolate you are adding, it may need to be premelted.

14. Q: Does the fountain motor need to be serviced regularly?
A: Yes. Please see “MAINTENANCE.”

1. Melt chocolate in the bowl: Yes, you can melt your chocolate fountain chocolate directly in the bowl of your Vmax chocolate fountain.
2. Direct Drive Motor: No belts to adjust or break.
3. Light weight: The fountain bases are light weight for ease in transporting. (CF24A,CF32A,CF18A,CF31A,CF40A)
4. Removable basin: Facilitates ease of use and cleaning. (not including CF18A,DCF16,CF31A)5. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Q:Do you ship fountains with Free Shipping ?

A:Yes,we ship to most countries in the worldwide, You can check on”Free Shipping Guide”

Q: Do you accepted other currency, such as GBP, EUR, CAD,AUD etc.. that show on your website ?

A: No, we only accepted USD currency.  Other currency only for reference. Because exchanged rate always increase or down every day that we can not control.

Q:Do you sell Illuminated Surround for Fountain ? (Led base)

A:Yes, we have fountain surround to sell, but only for CF24A,

Q:How to safety Payment ? What delivery time after we ordered ?

A:Paypal Check out Online, also we accepted Western Union, T.T in advance. Normally we need 1-3 days to ready ship, then DHL or Fedex will be take 3-7 days to delivery goods.

Q:Do we need to any custom tax or not ?

A:No need, but we can not 100% insure, it decide by custom in your country. We make lower value invoice to avoid any import custom tax. Most countries will not take custom tax for $400.00 value goods import.


  • Michelle 22 March, 2016 at 6:29 pm

    Hi, our chocolate fountain HCD-5 is missing the small ‘reset’ cap button. Any suggestions on having it repaired or possibly order the missing part?

  • lisa 6 February, 2015 at 3:11 am

    hi can you tell me if your fountains have connections and plugs suitable to use in uk?

    • ChocolateFountainOnline.com 9 February, 2015 at 7:55 am

      Yes, UK plug is availble, also we offer kinds plug, such as SAA Australia plug, USA plug etc.

  • lore deel 21 January, 2013 at 7:18 am

    Hi, I am in the USA, how long will it take to receive my chocolate fountain? Thanks

    • ChocolateFountainOnline.com 21 January, 2013 at 7:35 am

      Hi,Lore, the time decide by which item no. 110 V or 220 V etc..
      Let us know more about your order so that we can check it for you.
      For 220V Fountain, normally need 3-5days


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