How to order products on website

It is very easy to use our website and order products Online. Now we show step by step how to order on our website. Just simple 4 steps.

1. Select one products that you interest to order. Check all details before order. example: CF42A chocolate fountain

2. Then we check products page right side for all details, including free shipping, warranty, delivery time, payment methods etc.

Products rightside condition

Products page rightside condition

3. Find “Buy Now” Button,and click , the prices show here above button.

Find products and buy Now button

Buy Now Button

4. The page change to paypal website to safety payment.  Now you can find some information.

  • First it is safety URL:
  • Second: Show our Logo on the left above.

Then you can check products qty, model that you order, you can pay by two way. One way is pay by paypal balance if you have. second you can pay by credit card.

PS: Please use correct address on your paypal account for delivery, also send us phone no.

Paypal website to pay safety

Paypal website safety payment.

Finally, We will send you email for confirmation about your order, then we will ready ship and send you tracking no. by DHL or Fedex, you can tracking your order online at

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  • GlennSol 12 March, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    Do you have a south african agent?i have aclient who would like us to purchase a unit, do you deliever to south africa?

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