How to Use Chocolate Fountain

Preparation Before Using Chocolate Fountain

1.This unit should be paid attention to the handling light with light caving, it is prohibited pressure. the impact of the collision may cause deformation of machines.

2.Please note the “UP” mark when opening the packaging

3.clean the unit before using, then dry it.

4.check that whether all parts are stable before using.

5.The appliance manufacturer does not recommend the use of accessory attachments other than what is supplied with the unit. This may cause injuries.

6.Unit must be lever to operate properly. will be better that operate this unit in the circumstance above the 20 centigrade.

Operate Instruction for Chocolate Fountain

1.Put this unit in a level place, then connect the power cord

2.Don’t put anything around bottom of the machine to help heat dissipation

3.if the operation circumstance is below 25 centigrade, it is suggested to place a heat preservation above this unit.

4.Preheat by turning on heating switch. (Preheat about 10 minutes to ensure efficient Operation, do not need turn on Motor switch)

5.To be effective operation of motor, good chocolate can be melted slowly into the base bowl.

6.If the fountain effect is not ideal,Please check whether the chocolate is enough or adjust the “Bottom adjustive Screw” to keep the balance.

7.Don’t drop any fruit,food or other things into the chocolate pool when using to avoid block on the pump, if any food drop into the chocolate pool, please turn off the machine and pick it out.

8.To ensure that the taste of chocolate, in the operation of this machine every 60 minutes, turns off the motor switch. Restart after a stirring the chocolate, the chocolate will taste better!

9.To Ensure the normal using life of the machine,suggest the continual operating time should be 10-12 hours.

10.Repeated above steps when use again.

How to Assemble Chocolate Fountain (CF24A as sample)

How to assemble chocolate fountain

Using the correct chocolate for Fountain Machine

Your unit will work with any chocolate. However, the best chocolate to use is pure Belgian Chocolate, high in cocoa butter, that is formulated for chocolate fondue fountains. This chocolate requires no oil to function and is rich and decadent. You can purchase this type of chocolate online at any website that sells commercial chocolate fondue fountains.

Fortunately you do not need to go far to use your new fondue fountain. Simply go into your cupboard or local market and purchase chocolate chips used for baking in your baking aisle of the local store. in flavors such as;

  • *Semi Sweet Chocolate
  • *Milk Chocolate
  • *White Chocolate

Since these chips are low in cocoa butter, they need oil to make it flow correctly. The types of oil you can use are;

  • · Canola oil
  • · Vegetable oil

* The chocolate ingredient we suggest is 45% cocoa butter and 55% chocolate.

If you have more question about “how to use chocolate fountain”, then send us message or contact us directly. We would like to answer any question for you here.

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