Bain-Marine Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain

Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain For wedding, made of Stainless steel,Heavy duty quality Motor. It is popular Fountain for catering,cafe shop etc. The fountain use Bain-Marie heating system with two bowl, One bowl hold water to boil, other bowl hold chocolate to melting. We can take offer all bowl easy to clean with holder. Stainless steel tiers also can detachable one by one, You will find easy operate for this machine. Just assemble it according to instruction manual easily. then use panel control Motor for auger and Temperature for melting chocolate. That is all.

CF40A Stainless steel Chocolate Fountain

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  • Chocolate: We suggest proper Fountain Chocolate for all CFO Fountains.
  • Material: the machine come with thicker grade 304 grade stainless steel
  • Quality: Our Fountain have quality commercial grade motors which will work for long time
  • Warranty: Chocolate fountains have a one-year warranty
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  • Send us a inquiry for Wholesale Price for your large quantity order.



Model: CF40A
Operating voltage: 220-240V~ 50/60Hz
Total: Height 100cm

Ideal for restaurants,Catering and coffee shops
110cm 6 Layers Chocolate Fountain Made by Stainless Steel
Hold 6Kg up to 10kgs Chocolates
Serve up to 100-150 Guests
480W Heating power, quickly Melting
Auger system with Lower noise motor drive directly
Professional industrial reliable motor for long lasting work
Detachable basin, Easy Clean
Easy to set up and operate.
Detachable power cord
Improved Stainless steel Chocolate Fountain, No Leak!
304 Food Grade Stainless Steel material, Safety!
Operates with Minimum chocolate to start,Save

Chocolate Fountains illluminated surround for optional
N.W: 17kgs
G.W:21kgs without Metal box
Shipping Weight: 28kgs
Carton Size: 95x54x27cm

Chocolate Fountain assemble

Assemble S.S Chocolate Fountain

Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain base & Bowl

S.S Fountain Base & Bowl

Chocolate Fountain panel control

Chocolate Fountain Control Panel

Chocolate Fountain Bowl

Bain-Marine Bowl Heating System

Chocolate Fountain packing

Chocolate Fountain Good Packing

The above show some photo clips, Such as strong packing protection, Easy to temperature control panel,Removable Basin and detachable tiers to assemble etc…  The Stainless Steel Chocolate machine is easy to operate, Just to check IM carefully and follows, then you will can assemble, run and clean. that will be perfect for catering serve, or wedding serve etc..

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  • gabbiebielle 25 March, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    pls i’m interested in this product, how much extra will the illuminated chocolate fountain base cost?

    • 29 March, 2013 at 3:32 pm

      Hello, we have sent you details by email. please check if you got it.
      We have two model illuminated surround for chocolate fountain.

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