2 tips Use Large Commercial Chocolate Fountains

Today we share two tips set Chocolate Fountains Temperature and melting Chocolate in machine. These tips just for our large commercial chocolate fountains, such as CF44A 110 cm Commercial Fondue Fountain, CF48A 120 cm Large Commercial Chocolate Fountain, CF34A 86 cm Fountain etc… with Temperature control panel.

Tips one: Melting Chocolate in the fountain. Please use chocolate chips add into the bowl, do not add chocolate block or strip into bowl directly. So chocolate melting will be easy and fast. If you use chocolate cocoa butter not over 40%, please add some food oil make melted chocolate easy flow from top of fountain.

Tips Two: Set temperature and correct use motor panel control, When we put on to connect power,then we need to set temperature at first to max 90 degree (“T”) for 3-5 min, Then set 40 degree or 50 degree to melting all chocolate. We will put on “M” for motor to start make fountain with melted chocolate. ¬† If you set temperature, the temp. not reach 40 degree, the Motor “M” will be not work. ¬†That is protect the machine if somebody use chocolate chips or block, but not melting at all before start motor.

Commercial Chocolate Fountain Control Panel

How to set fountain temperature and use Motor controller

More 2 tips Use Large Commercial Chocolate Fountains, Please follow our blog or contact us to ask question.

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