Belgian Chocolate Candies: A Great Gift Idea for Your Loved Ones

Indeed, Belgian chocolates are considered to be high quality and expensive chocolates that everyone should taste. Some Belgian chocolates contains liqueur for additional taste. Finding the Best Belgian Chocolate – If you are having any trouble thinking of a gift idea for your wife’s birthday or on mother’s day, you have to consider getting one that […]

How to using BBQ sauce in a chocolate fountain

It is important to use correct pump chocolate fountain for Using BBQ sauce or use thin other sauce.   We know the chocolate fountain have two system:  Pump and auger.   Auger system fountain with spiral screw and push chocolate up to top,  so the auger fountain need thick sauce, such as hot chocolate, or […]

Serving hot Cocoa in Dessert Shop

We have a small dessert shop. Our customers are interested in us serving hot cocoa. Could we mix milk and hot chocolate or a powdered chocolate mix and keep it in this dispenser for serving? Serve a cup hot chocolate in your own shop for your guests, that is great ideas in a cold winter. […]

Chocolate Fountain business in Shopping Mall in Tirupur & Coimbatore

I Want Chocolate Fountain Machine I would like to start a small business in Shopping Mall in Tirupur & Coimbatore so Kindly Send the Rate Quotation, how Many hours it will run non-stop because in malls 9-10 hours will work .but i want cf machine soon which country you from. I run a business serving […]

How many people can be served with a Chocolate Fountain

One customer Just ask us a question: Kindly send me the quote for different types of Chocolate Fountain with its specification & requirements. Also I would like to know what kind of chocolate is required & with 1 kg of Chocolate how many people can be served. If chocolate remains after finishing the party can […]

Is the Chocolate Fountain used only for desserts at an event?

Chocolate Fountain Online Store not only offer a fountain for your desserts at events, also offer for kinds party,wedding business. Most assume that the Chocolate Fountains are for desserts, because the chocolate is a candy. However, we set up the fountain for appetizers on more occasions than desserts for wedding receptions. We have also set up […]

Electric Chocolate Fountain – Featured Review

Perfect for that special occasion … now you can own your own chocolate fountain. Recently there has been a surge in home chocolate fountains. Previously, a chocolate fountain was only available as a commercial unit costing thousands of dollars. For most of us, this was a novelty that was only available through catering events or […]

Difference between Pump Fountain & Auger Fountain

We know that the most fountains are auger fountain, such as home use and commercial machine.  but also have pump system fountain that for professional use.   Now how about the difference between pump fountain and auger fountain ?  Now we list difference as follows: Pump Fountain model: CF53B, CF44B, CF34B, CF29B Auger Fountain model: […]

Chinese New Year

2014 Chinese New Year is coming soon, The long time holiday will be from Jan 25th to Feb 10th.  All order will be ship after CNY during Jan 20th to Feb 10th. Chocolate Fountain Online Team 2014-01-16

Chocolate Fountain Package Prices

Looking for something special for 2014 – try ‘themed’ Wedding Package.  Getting married with pink as the main colour?  Hire company can supply our 53″ fountain with Pink Belgian Chocolate with of course, matching pink serviettes.  Also available in other colours for other events.  Please note the actual colour of the chocolate is a pale pink, picture is solely for illustrative purposes. […]

Chocolate Fountain Fondue Recipes

Fondue has been the same for years and remained virtually unchanged… until now! The Chocolate & Fondue Fountain has revolutionized the world of fondue and added a new dimension to this age old party tradition with some delicious new ideas… The unique patented design of the Chocolate Fountain enables you to experience traditional fondue in […]

3 liters hot Chocolate maker Video   A video how to assemble and use 3 liters hot chocolate maker for hot chocolate drinking in the winter.

Do You Provide The Decorations For Around The Chocolate Fountain

Answer: The Chocolate Fountain itself is the ultimate decoration for any table. The cascading chocolate along with the colorful array of fruit and other appetizers is plenty of decorations to make the table appealing. Of course you are more than welcome to provide any additional decorations if you so desire. Do You Provide The Decorations […]

What Dipping Items Can Be Used With The Chocolate Fountain

Answer: The Chocolate Fountain will be the centerpiece of your table. Items, which can be dipped in the chocolate, should be placed closest to the fountain. Examples would be: strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, pretzels, cookies, etc. Use your imagination! The items do not have to be expensive to be a crowd-please! Please keep in mind that […]

How much for chocolate fountain hire ?

Chocolate Fountain Hire Company will arrive one hour early for your event so the fountain is setup and the scent of luscious, aromatic chocolate greets your guests. The company provides guest satisfaction service! and they will stay with the fountain for 4 hours assisting guests and tending to the appearance of the table. Included – One 5 […]

Do I Have To Set Up Chocolate Fountain ?

When people want to rent a chocolate fountain for party,events or wedding reception, then they always ask “Do I Have To Set Up, Tear Down & Clean Up The Chocolate Fountain ?”  Here you will find answer. Answer: Fortunately, we do all the work for you. We will arrive at your special event at least […]

How Long Can I Have The Chocolate Fountain At My Event ?

Answer: Normally Chocolate Fountain Rental package includes use of the Chocolate Fountain for 4 hours. This is usually plenty of time for most occasions where it is being used for the appetizer or dessert portion of the event. This does not include set up and tear down, which are done on our time. For occasions such […]

For Your Dipping Pleasure

If you are looking for something unique and fun, you’ve come to the right place. CFO Chocolate Fountain is the center of attention at every event or party! The sweet, delicious aroma of chocolate that permeates the air will only lighten spirits as your guests enter the room. The addition of The Chocolate Fountain will make an […]

How Many People Will The Chocolate Fountain Serve

How Many People Will The Chocolate Fountain Serve Answer: Our package, which includes 20 pounds of chocolate, along with your accompaniments is normally adequate for events up to 250 guests. However, keep in mind that the CFO Chocolate Fountain will serve an unlimited number of people by adding additional chocolate. What Is The Size Of […]

Does The Chocolate Fountain Use Real Chocolate

Does The Chocolate Fountain Use Real Chocolate? Answer: Yes, we use a high quality Premium Ghirardelli Chocolate. This is done for two reasons: First and foremost – Taste is of utmost importance and we will not compromise quality. Secondly, the quality, consistency and flow of the chocolate will be much more appealing. find more information […]

Ordering Premium Chocolates Online

The Internet is a great tool that enables people to communicate with each other despite distance. This is also a good way to market products and services without much trouble on the part of the supplier. At the same time, this is a great option for potential customers who are looking to order goods from […]

Healthy Chocolate Fondues at Home

Studies show that chocolates, especially dark chocolates, are good for the health. New evidence has been revealed that dark chocolate helps alleviate emotional stress. The study showed proof that eating an ounce and a half of dark chocolate for two weeks reduced significant levels of stress hormones in people who were feeling stressed at that time. As […]

Super Easy Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe

Chocolate Heated Beverage made by Chocolate or cocoa powder with milk or water and sugar,  Hot Cocoa or chocolate mix is a winter time Staple. A Delicious and natural hot chocolate drink Homemade super easy, Especially economical and easy to do compared with shop-bought mixes, that including only chocolate,sugar and salt. Ingredients: 3 cups sugar (Regular or powdered […]

Chocolate Storage and Transport

Cocoa beans and chocolate are very delicate products that require proper storage and care during transport. Hence, for obvious reasons, they should not be transported in non-insulated vehicles on summer days and on subfreezing winter temperatures. When storing and transporting beans, one must ensure that the products are stored in such a way that they do not […]