Chocolate Fountain Dipping Ideas

Chocolate Fountain Ideas: 5 Delicious Ways Guide

There are a number of things that come in handy for serving on a chocolate fountain or buffet dipping table. The perfect fountain really starts with the right and most ideal hack and there are so many things you could check out. There are also so many dipping items worth checking out that could be […]

Chocolate Fountain Package Prices

Looking for something special for 2014 – try ‘themed’ Wedding Package.  Getting married with pink as the main colour?  Hire company can supply our 53″ fountain with Pink Belgian Chocolate with of course, matching pink serviettes.  Also available in other colours for other events.  Please note the actual colour of the chocolate is a pale pink, picture is solely for illustrative purposes. […]

Mind-Blowing Chocolate Fountain Ideas for Adding the Wow Factor to your Wedding

When it comes to taste and deliciousness, chocolate is gold. In fact, many ancient cultures used chocolate as a currency! It is also a great antioxidant, and most people around the world love the taste and feel of chocolate. Some studies say that chocolate has the power to lift the spirits of the people drinking […]

Chocolate Fountain for Party

Throwing a party whеrе you nееd tо fееd a large number of реорlе can bе a ѕtrеѕѕful аnd соѕtlу еxреriеnсе, but it nееdѕ not bе еithеr оf thеѕе things. If you аrе having a lаrgе party аnd nееd tо fееd tens оr hundreds оf реорlе on a budget, but ѕtill wаnt tо mаintаin thе wow […]

chocolate fountain dipping items

Start a chocolate fountain business after you purchase a quality,reliable chocolate fountain, Then you have to think about chocolate fountain dipping items for your guests.  you will happy to provide a range of freshly prepared foods to dip into a chocolate fountain for your guests in party or catering, serve them to surround the fountain. […]