Fondue Fountains

Fondue Fountain including All Chocolate fondue Fountain infomation that we show on the website, share more fondue fountain,such as photo,price,details.

2013 Chinese New Year Holiday

CNY is coming soon. We have a long time holiday for Chinese New Year in 2013, So we will do good job before holiday, and ship all orders asap and avoid any delay after CNY.  Thanks for all buyers support in past years. Holiday time: From Feb 02 to Feb 22

world’s largest chocolate fountain

We offer world’s largest Chocolate Fountain CF53B model, that 7 tiers stainless steel tower, also have 140 cm height, hold large capacity bowl, check this largest chocolate fountain, and buy it online free ship. 220-240v 50Hz VDE Euro two pin plug Carton Packing with proforma protect 1pc/CTN G.W: 23kgs  Was: $2980.00 Now:$1780.00 (Save up 40%) […]

Buy or Rent Chocolate Fountain

Buy or Rent Chocolate Fountain,Dipping Chocolate fountains are available for purchase or rental and Hire. If the fountain Machine is for a one-time event, then rental is probably a better option. Many rental companies provide set-up, clean-up and an attendant to supervise the fountain during your event. If you intend to use the fountain for […]

Chocolate Fountain Price

Looking for Chocolate Fountain price when you plan to purchase a Chocolate Fountain, it is important when you make a decision. First we need to know what kinds of chocolate fountain that you want to buy it. The fountain type have commercial use and mini for home use. Most home fountain that you can buy […]

Chocolate Fountain Explosive View

This is 4 tiers Chocolate Fountain Explosive View, that show all parts of Chocolate fountain.  The tiers fixed together, can use stainless steel or detachable plastic tiers, but the bowl must be use food grade stainless steel materical, a heating element in the base .

Cheap Chocolate Fountain to Buy

Normally you can find cheap chocolate fountain only for home fountain or kids and plastic material fountain. Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain Means high price, If you just start your chocolate fondue fountain business, now Buy this fountain CF18A is best choice for you.  Stainless Steel material made of and 4 tiers perfect for start. Hold 1 kgs chocolate. Free […]

Vmax Chocolate Fountain Sales Online

Vmax brand hold by “Vmax Group Ltd”, Vmax supply Chocolate Fountain from 2005, At first,Vmax offer small size chocolate fountain for home use, export to many countries, such as UK,France,Germany etc…  Untill 2006, Vmax start to offer Commercial Chocolate Fountain with pump system,At time, the fountain is very popular sell, Vmax continue improve quality of […]

Hot Chocolate Server High Capacity

2013 New year is coming soon,The day is cold and cold. The shop serve hot drink or hot beverage or hot chocolate with small capacity that can not meet more and more guests requirement. Looking for hot chocolate server high capacity ? today we can show a hot chocolate Machine that supply large capacity 10L. […]

Merry Christmas with a Chocolate Fountain

Christmas date will coming soon this year, Merry Christmas to Every body. How you think for Christmas with your friends or Family. any ideas? Maybe People will consider a chocolate fountain as a gift, or use a chocolate fountain, make hot chocolate dilicious dipping, Yes, also a big Gift.  I like this.  If you like, […]

How to fixed the problem for use commercial chocolate fountain

When you buy a Chocolate Fountains for commercial use, Some people not check instruction manual carefully before start operate, then happen kinds of problem.  Now we share a sample: Why not make perfect fountain, we have add 7 kgs chocolate in the bowl? How to fixed the problem for use commercial chocolate fountain Customer: Hi, Andy! […]

Buy Large Cascading Chocolate Waterfall

We help these customers to find suitable large Cascading Chocolate Waterfall for purchase Buy large cascading chocolate waterfall in some countries. Normally people look for large chocolate fountain on internet (It is also difficult to find any shop to sale the large machine).  Large fountain mean the size is not small, over 100 cm height, […]

6 Steps on How to Use a Commercial Chocolate Fountain

How to Use a Commercial Chocolate Fountain  When you organize a party, desserts will always be present. By providing a commercial chocolate fountain you will be able to offer a selection of different desserts for your guests. A large chocolate fountain machine can also be used even for small occasions within the family. Children would […]