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Crazy Chocolate Fountain make chocolate rain

Do not use a home chocolate fountain for business!!! This is like turning on a full blender without the top on only a thousand percent more hilarious, Same thing happened to a wedding I went to. Only ruined 3 dresses. A Commercial Chocolate Fountain will be good quality and never spinning out auger and cylinder.

How many people can be served with a Chocolate Fountain

One customer Just ask us a question: Kindly send me the quote for different types of Chocolate Fountain with its specification & requirements. Also I would like to know what kind of chocolate is required & with 1 kg of Chocolate how many people can be served. If chocolate remains after finishing the party can […]

Do You Provide The Decorations For Around The Chocolate Fountain

Answer: The Chocolate Fountain itself is the ultimate decoration for any table. The cascading chocolate along with the colorful array of fruit and other appetizers is plenty of decorations to make the table appealing. Of course you are more than welcome to provide any additional decorations if you so desire. Do You Provide The Decorations […]

What Dipping Items Can Be Used With The Chocolate Fountain

Answer: The Chocolate Fountain will be the centerpiece of your table. Items, which can be dipped in the chocolate, should be placed closest to the fountain. Examples would be: strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, pretzels, cookies, etc. Use your imagination! The items do not have to be expensive to be a crowd-please! Please keep in mind that […]

How much for chocolate fountain hire ?

Chocolate Fountain Hire Company will arrive one hour early for your event so the fountain is setup and the scent of luscious, aromatic chocolate greets your guests. The company provides guest satisfaction service! and they will stay with the fountain for 4 hours assisting guests and tending to the appearance of the table. Included – One 5 […]

Do I Have To Set Up Chocolate Fountain ?

When people want to rent a chocolate fountain for party,events or wedding reception, then they always ask “Do I Have To Set Up, Tear Down & Clean Up The Chocolate Fountain ?”  Here you will find answer. Answer: Fortunately, we do all the work for you. We will arrive at your special event at least […]

How Long Can I Have The Chocolate Fountain At My Event ?

Answer: Normally Chocolate Fountain Rental package includes use of the Chocolate Fountain for 4 hours. This is usually plenty of time for most occasions where it is being used for the appetizer or dessert portion of the event. This does not include set up and tear down, which are done on our time. For occasions such […]

How Many People Will The Chocolate Fountain Serve

How Many People Will The Chocolate Fountain Serve Answer: Our package, which includes 20 pounds of chocolate, along with your accompaniments is normally adequate for events up to 250 guests. However, keep in mind that the CFO Chocolate Fountain will serve an unlimited number of people by adding additional chocolate. What Is The Size Of […]

Does The Chocolate Fountain Use Real Chocolate

Does The Chocolate Fountain Use Real Chocolate? Answer: Yes, we use a high quality Premium Ghirardelli Chocolate. This is done for two reasons: First and foremost – Taste is of utmost importance and we will not compromise quality. Secondly, the quality, consistency and flow of the chocolate will be much more appealing. find more information […]