Chocolate Fountain Ideas: 5 Delicious Ways Guide

There are a number of things that come in handy for serving on a chocolate fountain or buffet dipping table. The perfect fountain really starts with the right and most ideal hack and there are so many things you could check out. There are also so many dipping items worth checking out that could be served with any chocolate fountain hack to ensure you have scrumptious immersed goodies your family, guests, or friends will love. Here are five fantastic ways you can use to hack a chocolate fountain at any time.

The Chocolate Fountain Ideas 5 Delicious Ways to Hack a Chocolate Fountain that we saw it first at , So we make a infographic of Chocolate Fountain Ideas: 5 Delicious Ways Guide
Chocolate Fountain Ideas 5 delicious ways hack a chocolate fountain

  1. Cream Cheese Frosting Ideas

Cream Cheese fountain

With all the right cream cheese accoutrements, you can hack a chocolate fountain with cream cheese frosting and delight all guests or visitors with a delight of its own kind. You can get cinnamon rolls, red velvet cake, cherry and apple pie, brownies, carrot cake, Entenmanns’s, doughnut, doughnut holes and ginger cookies. Other accoutrements you can use with your cream cheese frosting include strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries or even ginger cookies. As Martha Stewart would say, it goes without saying that cream cheese frosting is a lip-smacking delicious hack, especially atop cupcakes amidst being a favorite on carrot cake, pumpkin cake and much more.

Cream Cheese dippingCream Cheese Doughnuts

Rather than just serving ordinary fruit skewers, the fruit could be frozen, such as pears, cherries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. In turn, as the frozen fruits are dipped by your guests into the chocolate fountain the outcome could look like chocolate popsicles, but the chocolate’s warmth will make the fruit to warm up into a proper biting temperature. You can continue with the frozen dipping theme to create great treats such as baked goods that freeze awesomely and contrast with the warm chocolate to hack any chocolate fountain. A good example include cheesecake slices, frozen, offered in a number of diverse choices such as raspberry, chocolate or plain.

  1. Nutella Choc fountain hacks

Nutella fountain

cream cheese for dipping food

Another appetizing way of hacking a chocolate fountain to a mouthwatering experience you might not forget for sometime is the use of nutella accoutrements. Nutella just turned half a century in 2014 and still holds the record of being a sinful hazelnut spread that has brought its sweetness from very far. Apart from being the stuff of moms who want to give their children a balanced meal, nutella is a delicious hazelnut kind of spread that can be used to hack a chocolate fountain to a finger-licking sweetness. You can use such accoutrements as rice krispie treats, crepes, big marshmallows, ice cream cones and ice cream, apples, bananas and strawberries, pastries such as croissants, doughnut holes and doughnuts.

  1. Maple Syrup Ideas

Maple Syrup

If you have been using Maple Syrup just to make delicious pancakes for your family it is time to try hacking your chocolate fountain with this healthy syrup. In fact, Maple syrup comes packed with nutrients of real benefit to every human being now and for a very long time to come. It is also very versatile and can be used literary on everything, from soaking wings, transforming S’mores and on vegetables such as on maple roasted carrots on a pan. To hack a chocolate fountain with Maple syrup try out such accoutrements as bacon, waffles, biscuits, fried chicken, pancakes and scrambled eggs.

If you have never eaten really delicious Maple chip cookies, then you have a chance today. The chips, perhaps made of oatmeal will remain melty for that delicious yet irresistible taste. If you are baking the Maple chip cookies, assemble the ingredients together, such as sugar, butter, brown sugar, vanilla, eggs, flour, ground oatmeal, salt, baking soda. Once they are ready, family and guests will love such creative Maple fountain ideas. When brownies and cookies are Maple served they are very sweet and delicious. You can cut your brownies into pieces that can be bit and easy to dip into your choice Maple hack to come up with the best fudge brownie you have ever seen or tasted.

  1. Ketchup Ideas

Ketchup fountain

Ketchup comes in handy as a condiment that appetizingly and heartily transforms diverse dishes mostly eaten while hot, such as eggs, fries or chips, hot dogs, hamburgers, fried or grilled meat and sandwiches. It is also effective as an ingredient for lots of dressings and other sauces. On their healthier side, ketchup gets an antioxidant such as lycopene that prevent certain cancers. Shear thinning quality of ketchup makes it an ideal chocolate fountain hack, especially with the use of such accoutrements as scrambled eggs, burgers, corn dogs, sliders, chicken nuggets, French fries and tater tots.

  1. Nacho Cheese Ideas

Nacho Cheese fountain

If you have a craving for delicious snacks with a Mexican touch, it is possible you already know something about nachos, especially the totopos or tortilla chips dishes that come flooded with sauces from cheese or cheese itself. Nachos entered the market around 1943, a creation of “Nacho” Ignacio Anaya.

Nachos are even served with cheese, beans and beef with loaded nachos served with toppings in abundance such as Oaxaca cheese, Salsa, pinto beans, pepperoni, corned beef, lettuce, onions, pickles, spam and chorizo, among others. To hack your chocolate fountain with nacho cheese, go for such accoutrements as apple slices, soft pretzels, apple pie, chips, corn dogs and hot dogs. Sometimes tacos and burritos are used but you might have to deal with lettuce or meat pieces falling out, which could run across the fountain for a long time until the guests have left and might not look well on you as the host.

Waffles Maple Syrup Ketchup dipping chicken Maple Syrup dipping Bananas dipping with fountain

Another tip to hacking your chocolate fountain apart from the above is changing chamoy into paste as compared to an ordinary sauce, thicken it or puree it up to a level where it is consistently runny. Due to its ability to improve the taste of lots of foods, a filled chamoy chocolate fountain can be made and foods such as tamarind kabobs dipped into the chamoy inspired chocolate fountain, or even mango bites and pineapple-layered skewers. Mexican Tostilocos can also be completed with a dip into the fountain. As much as the chamoy keeps flowing in the chocolate fountain, visitors to your event will love dipping all kinds of treats into a sauce that is uniquely Mexican.

Finally if you have more ideas for a chocolate fountain, then comments blow or contact with us. Then we will update the articles here and make impact with fountain. Happy with your own chocolate fountain.  If you do not know what dip in a chocolate fountain (ideas), then you can check our other articles to find more dipping items.

How to make this chocolate fountain ideas 

Step 1: Get a Perfect Fountain

You use any fountain that you own or you can purchase a mini chocolate fountain for your home party, if you are rent company or catering business, then perfect to get a professional commercial chocolate fountain, keep higher quality that will be better. You can compare a fountain here or find how to buy a chocolate fountain.

Step 2: Choose a Delicious Liquid for dipping

Find best liquid that you like, such as milk chocolate or cream cheese, Any ideas that you can try.

Step 3: Heat Up The Liquid, then water it down

Use a boiler or chocolate melter or Just a pot to heat up content.

Step 4: Set out dipping food

More snack foods that you selection, fresh fruits, cake, etc..

Step 5: Enjoy your Delicious food with a fountain

Now enjoy with your friends, guest and family people.

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