Chocolate Vibration Table Machine with Grid, Adjustable Height

Using chocolate moulds is easy with Chocolate Vibration Table Machine!

Remove air bubbles from your chocolate molds with a Chocolate Vibrating Table, or machine, and evenly spread chocolate within each cavity of your mold

VT01 Chocolate Vibrating Table

The Vibration Table Machine has a draining grid which is particularly useful when turning out excess chocolate from praline or hollow figure moulds. It is height-adjustable so that it can be positioned above most bain-maries and melting tanks. Please note that the draining grid is not heated.

Technical Specification

  • Sturdy compact free-standing design
  • Adjustable height legs
  • Sized to fit two standard moulds at a time
    (135x275mm or 175x275mm)
  • Removable food grade silicon rubber mat
  • Single phase, 220-240V, 50Hz
  • Power 45W
  • Fitted with a UK 3-pin plug
  • All stainless steel
  • Max dimensions: (W) 560mm x (D) 290mm x (H) 450mm

Vibrating Table is a professional all-stainless steel 304 table designed for chocolate moulds production. By shaking the moulds, one removes the air entrapped in the chocolate that would form undesired bubbles in the finished products. It also allows forming a fine shell by forcing the chocolate in all the cavities of intricate moulds.

hocolate Vibrating MachineĀ is a high quality shaker table that comes with a grid and adjustable vibrating intensity to meet your particular product needs — which is unlike most vibrating tables


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  • Alejandro 5 March, 2018 at 7:08 pm

    hi I would like to know how many vibrations per minute would have this table for the proper molding of the chocolates and if those vibrations per minute are fixed or this machine has a frequency variator for different vibrations per minute

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