Difference between Pump Fountain & Auger Fountain

We know that the most fountains are auger fountain, such as home use and commercial machine.  but also have pump system fountain that for professional use.   Now how about the difference between pump fountain and auger fountain ?  Now we list difference as follows:

Pump Fountain model: CF53B, CF44B, CF34B, CF29B

Auger Fountain model: All fountain not including pump fountain .

System Difference: Pump fountain use pump without auger,  Auger fountain use stainless steel auger and plastic auger for difference machine.

Machine Difference: Pump Fountain can use difference size in one fountain, such as CF53B 7 tiers, then you can assemble 6 tier, 5 tiers or 4 tiers according to party guests qty to decide use which size or tiers fountain, so you also can save chocolate and money.

Use Difference:  Both machines are easy use, but when you use chocolate that have difference. 

Pump Fountain need thin chocolate so that can make perfect fountain, also pump can use such as color water or other source to make fountain. that mean you can not use thick chocolate, too thick chocolate will be stop machine and can not flow chocolate correct.  so some times, you have to add some food oil or use high cocoa butter chocolate.

Auger fountain can not use too thin chocolate that will be flow not perfect.

Pump Fountain as follows:

CF44B Commercial choco Fountain for sale

Auger Fountain as follows:

CFO Chocolate Fountain Machine CF30A ship to india

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