chocolate fountain dipping for students

Donate Chocolate Fountain to ShouNan No.1 Primary School

ChocolateFountainOnline (CFO) Donate Chocolate Fountain to ShouNan No.1 Primary School at Parent assistant talent show

On the afternoon of May 3, the South No.1 South Primary School “benefit line” course TA parents people show up the first event was held in a small hot gymnasium, parents with their wisdom and talent, for students and parents, teachers observe the dedication of a visual feast, gluttonous taste.

Show Time:

A Lens:  Appreciate the students add to the fun show – fun
Talent Show bustling scene, the students add to the fun singing, dancing help field, all of a sudden the atmosphere of the scene to liven up!

fun show fun show fun show

Lens 2, look at the TAs do the flowers – beautiful Hey,

Hey, these are our campus flowers? Who is so naughty flowers to pick it! Saw these photos, you are not the country would have such thoughts. Haha, do not worry, you have misunderstood you, this is not really yo flowers are our parents assistants – how it works, is simply life ah, if you also want to do a hand, and quickly enrolled in this colorful floral Bar Associations , in time for the Women’s Day to my dear mother brought a flower, they will certainly be very happy about.

 beautiful flowers   beautiful flowers

Lens 3, try TAs baked goods – delicious
Smell the air, Wow, so mellow, so sweet, is it urgent Starbucks sent home? Die, my saliva flow already out, I want to rush to Chou Chou! Wow, this, this, this! Should not be so tempted ah, this chocolate, this cake, which is baked egg tarts …… you magic moms, you all are Michelin confectioner Yeah, please accept my knees! Look quick review of our students who have become one of a small cat it.

chocolate fountain dipping for students

Kids love this CFO brand chocolate fountain in dipping, so fun

chocolate fountain dipping for students chocolate fountain dipping for students chocolate fountain dipping for students

Lens 4,  See TAs design hairstyles – fashion
It was beautiful to see the hair! Here’s hair, a US association also conducted a site to create it! Looking at these small models, dressed in parents teaching assistants, all of them have a face-lift of it! To tell the truth, I was really envious, thinking, If I were given a series of hairstyle Mimi, I’m sure is a little girl Meng Meng da blanket.

hair style lens 4

Lens 5,  pat assistants work to do cloth – fine
Looking at these cute little cloth Italy, I really wanted to bring it home. My friends, you like it? In handmade cloth community “benefits the line” course, our parents TAs hands with everyone in the production of Oh, look, they are creating it ……

lens 5 lens 5-1

Lens 6, Look assistants knitting items – Creative
Had heard “Hui line” course where there will be Chinese knot societies do, this is not in front of it – skilled rope societies. Here we can not only learn weaving Chinese knot, you can also learn more about the life rope skills yo. Look, the students experience a lot in advance. A simple line, skilled parents, the left click, right click, here around once, about three times over there, and soon, a beautiful Chinese knot on the show in front of it!

lens 6 lens 6-1

Lens 7, Chou Chou assistants show Mito – Miaozai
In ancient times, whenever woman female red compulsory. With the development of the times, this woman door “compulsory” gradually fade out of people’s lives, it is really a pity. “Hui-line” course regain this lost beauty, prepared Mito embroiders this community for us, which our girls can experience female red, develop their own temperament friends.

lens 7 lens 7-1

Lens 8, Talk about knitting unique skills – Good Like
Mito embroidering on a piece of cloth to thread the needle thread knitted intricate pattern! For small series, to a three-dimensional weave sweater, which is simply prohibitively also difficulty! From 2D to 3D, in addition to technology, it also requires spatial thinking ability. These two organizations rods, one last look, a pull a hook, soon, came out a neat row of yarn, knitting line pattern Let’s meet together to weave a warm scarf bar ~

lens 8 lens 8-1

Lens 9, A closer look at rope tricks – magic
Spring in March, a time when a good outing season, I believe we are family travel it, if you want to feel the challenge of outdoor rock climbing, then you really get the rope skills to learn to take in this community, parents teaching assistant here will help you learn how with a simple knot to achieve a safe, convenient, exciting climbing experience oh. Remember Oh, this is our community – rope tricks

lens 9

Lens 10, One of a food product, chat feelings – happiness
Look, everyone smiles taste food when ……

lens 10- lens 10-1 lens 10-2 lens 10-3

Lens 11, The judges of the voting session – tension
Finished, read, experience is over, but I cast which society Yeah, hey, really anxious, each are good like it.

lens 11 lens 11-1

Lens 12, Listen to chapter president to talk about “Hui line” course of construction – new
School Parents Resource fully developed, and on this basis design course, is a complement to limited school resources, which is also the direction of the provincial education department curriculum proposed match. To commence by the parents, help parents and children grow together, can greatly enrich the content of life skills courses.

lens 12


The parents assistant Talent Show kicked off “Hui line” courses, reading all this talent show parents teaching assistants, our reporter friends, pick up a pen to record these shots, also recorded the parents group assistant some of the new approach. We believe that the “benefits of the line” program will be effective, wonderfully out of a special way!

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Source:   Ningbo YinZhou ShouNan NO.1 Primary School

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