Electric Chocolate Fountain – Featured Review

Perfect for that special occasion … now you can own your own chocolate fountain.

Recently there has been a surge in home chocolate fountains. Previously, a chocolate fountain was only available as a commercial unit costing thousands of dollars. For most of us, this was a novelty that was only available through catering events or through professional party planners. Now you can host your own special event and feature your own chocolate fountain. Chocolate is not the only fondue which can be used in these units. Some units will accept caramel and barbecue sauce in addition to chocolate.

If you are considering buying a home chocolate fountain, there are a few quality units on the market that are sure to fit your budget. There are cheap units available in retail stores that cost 50 dollars on average. Most of these are not worth buying due to cheap construction, difficulty of assembly or noisy operation. There is one exception in the 50 dollar range and that is the Rival Chocolate Fountain. This is a quality unit and is a good value (more below).

Three chocolate fountains stand out as the most popular and have good customer satisfaction. Two of these are in the 240 – 250 dollar price range and one is in the 50 dollar price range. There is the Sephra Elite which retails for $249.99, the Fundue Foods Home Chocolate Fountain which retails for $239.00 (now on sale at their website for $189.00), and the Rival Chocolate Fountain available at the Home Shopping Network website for $49.90.

What to Look For in a Home Chocolate Fountain

The main features to look for in a home chocolate fountain:

  • Quality construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Ease of assembly
  • Easy clean up and dishwasher safe parts
  • Auger pumping mechanism
  • A good warranty

Smooth Flowing Chocolate

The secret to make the chocolate flow smoothly over the unit is the addition of oil. Most instructions recommend that oil be added to the chocolate to be used in a chocolate fountain. The chocolate from Fundue Foods is specially formulated to work in a home chocolate fountain without having to mix it with oil. This is very convenient and will make it possible to setup the unit more quickly.

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