Hot Chocolate Machine Ship to Australia

If you are looking for a Catering Hot Chocolate Machine in Australia to serve hot chocolate drinking in your cafe shop or dessert bar ,  then you come to right place.  This is a very simple tin can heater and cocoa maker that takes about 30-45 minutes to make.

Similar to the Starbucks drinking chocolate, our drinking chocolate dispenser is designed for mixing and dispensing an espresso like European “shot” of drinking chocolate for sipping. Drinking chocolate is absolutely delicious and this machine serves a perfect cup, every time!

Serve as a dessert or aperitif. Mix with Coffee or Alcohol for an incredible Mocha Latte or Chocolate Martini .

A must have for any Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Caterer, Buffet, Martini Bar, Dessert Bar or Special Event.

chocolate pot, hot chocolate dispenser, drinking chocolate dispenser, chocolate stirrer, hot chocolate machine, chocolate drink dispenser, hot choc maker.  Making it easier to enjoy quality hot chocolate in your home or at work The perfect cup of sipping chocolate, every time! chocolate shot machine. hot chocolate Drinking Chocolate or sipping chocolate is the Next Big Thing

Wholesale Hot Chocolate Machines in Australia

You will be agent in australia for our products, Wholesale & Retails to get our Wholesale prices for your business. Start to sell online or on your website or on  your facebook etc…  Just start to order 5pcs or 10pcs to get lower wholesale prices of hot chocolate dispensers.

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Buyer list purchase from us

Name: Rod West
Turnip Fields, Road, South Hobart, Tasmnia 7004, Australia
Order: 2pcs HC01 3 liters hot chocolate machines

Francesco Trucco
Ruffles Lodge
423 Ruffles Road
Willow Vale Queensland 4209
Order: 1pc  CF30A Chocolate Fountain

2 Yore Place,
1pc x 7 tiers Chocolate Fountain CF42A

Steve Smith
132 Hill Street
MOLONG New South Wales
Australia 2866
1pc x HC02 5 liters hot chocolate machine

Therese McElligott
Mount Isa’s Natural Beauty
Miles Street
Mount Isa4825
Australia  1pc x HC02 Red

francesco trucco
32 lauren grove
upper coomera Queensland 4209
1pc x CF30A 5 tiers CFO chocolate fondue fountain

Dimark Commercial Pty Ltd T/A Semak
Factory 18
87-91 Hallam South Road
Hallam VIC 3803
AUSTRALIA  Wholesale ChocoFairy hot Chocolate machine Semak

Leo Cleanthous
Chocoholic Express Pty Ltd
GPO Box 3551
Darwin Northern Territory 0801
1pc HC02A 5 tiers brain-marine system hot chocolate maker

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