Why you need to purchase a Stainless Steel Auger Chocolate Fountain

Every Month we have got some inquiry from customer that use chocolate fountain from other seller. Question like these:

1. Can get a part from you that my fountain broken ?
2. I buy a fountain, but now not working, can you help ?
3. do you offer spare parts for my machine ?

We only offer CFO brand & Sephra Brand Spare parts for service that buy from us.  We can not sure that our spare parts can suitable for all machine. it is impossible. We know that the customer difficult to find a service when their fountain broken, not work etc..   So take care before buy a fountain to check brand, warranty, quality and service. you can check our articles: buyer tips

Now we check with these customer why their Fountain easy broken ?  Finally we find a same problem that all broken parts is Plastic Auger. Some trading company not professional on the products, so they sell fountain, but do not know how the quality about ?  That is poor quality to use plastic parts for commercial Machine. Normally a home chocolate fountain use plastic parts to down cost, but commercial machine require long time to work, maybe over 12 hours /day to work. So a higher temperature and working time will be easy to broken plastic parts.  That is why CFO Fountains Always use Stainless Steel parts for all commercial Fountains to keep high quality.

Professional Seller on a products is your best choice. Will be save your time, Money and make great business. Opposite non-professional Seller make a problem but settle matter with long time, will be take your time, waster your money and poor business.


A Stainless Steel Auger can work long time and good quality than plastic one.

Stainless Steel Auger in Fountain


Read above articles, then you will know Why you need to purchase a Stainless Steel Auger Chocolate Fountain

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